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Oasis LRT Station

Oasis Station PE6 services the Punggol Lrt (PGLRT) going to Cove and Damai.

The first train from Oasis Station is at 05:23 AM going to Cove while the last train is at 12:53 PM going to Damai.

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Oasis Station Map

Oasis Station Map


Oasis Station Map

Oasis LRT Schedule

DestinationMon – SatSun / Holiday
Cove05:23 AM to 12:23 PM05:43 AM to 12:23 PM
Damai05:34 AM to 12:53 PM05:54 AM to 12:53 PM
Oasis Train Schedule

The LRT schedule from Oasis to Cove is from 05:23 AM to 12:23 PM every Monday to Saturday and 05:43 AM to 12:23 PM on Sundays and Public Holidays and

Oasis to Damai LRT schedule is from 05:34 AM to 12:53 PM every Monday to Saturday and 05:54 AM to 12:53 PM on Sundays and Public Holidays.

Oasis Bus Stop and Routes

Oasis Bus Schedule is from 05:45 to 00:35 from Monday to Saturday and 05:45 to 00:35 every Sundays and Public Holidays going to Marina Blvd / Central Blvd, Punggol Central, Punggol Temp Interchange.

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50Bishan Int05:45 to 23:45 (M-Sat)
06:00 to 23:45 (Sun)
Punggol Temp Int05:30 to 23:45 (M-Sat)
05:45 to 23:45 (Sun)
386Punggol Temp Int05:45 to 00:35 (M-Sat)
05:45 to 00:35 (Sun)
Punggol Ctrl
666Punggol Dr07:25 to 07:40 (M-F)Marina Blvd / Central Blvd18:10 to 18:25 (M-F)
Oasis Station Bus Schedule

Oasis Station Tourist Spots, Shopping Mall etc

Oasis station serves passengers going to

Central Christian Church
HDB Edgedale Green
HDB Punggol Breeze
HDB Punggol Spectra
HDB Waterway Ridges
HDB Waterway View
HDB Waterway Woodcress
Horizon Primary School
Oasis Terraces
Punggol Polyclinic
The Amore condominium

Punggol LRT, PTC, East and West Loop

Coral EdgePE3
Sam KeePW1
Punggol PointPW3
Soo TeckPW7

Punggol LRT, PTC, East and West Loop

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